HAWAII is exclusive and rough, a workspace during the day, at night occasionally a salon that presents exhibitions, art clubs, talks, readings, concerts, performances and hosts private dinners.

HAWAII do mash-ups, initiating cross-disciplinary collaborations between Danish and international artists, writers, graphic designers and filmmakers.

HAWAII organizes Hawaii Honolulu Art Club that, twice a year, present a limited edition print to its members.

The artists behind HAWAII: Louise Hold Sidenius is the owner of Officin. She is a prizewinning graphic designer, printer and bookbinder. In her workspace she creates exclusive handmade business cards, artists books, art prints and notebooks. Katrine Grünfeld is a well acclaimed author published by Gyldendal and holds a master in literature and psychology. Sidse Carstens works with video, print and collage. She has shown her work extensively on the Danish as well as the international art scene. She holds an MFA in animation directing from The National Film School of Denmark. Katrine and Sidse are also founders of the legendary Salon Valerie Galner where they curate and present art shows, music, literature, film and performance art. Valerie Galner exists in one place only, for one evening only and you need an invitation to attend.

Some of the artists and institutions we have been collaborating with:

Tove Storch, A kassen, Lea Porsager, Caspar Eric, Rose Eken, Henrik Nordbrandt, Josefine Klougart, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Sophie Dupont, Theis Ørntoft, Eva Tind, Marianne Larsen, Lady Jerks, Mathias Kryger og Back in Dirty Minutes, Jomi Massage, Lone Hørslev og Mads Mouritz, Pablo Llambias, Iben Mondrup, Adda Djørup, Claus Handberg og Line Knutzon.

The Swiss Embassy - Copenhagen, Rawen Row - London, Wattis Institute - San Francisco, Gyldendal, Copenhagen Art Week, Roskilde Festival, ALT_CPH, Gladiator, Møller Forlag, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Overgaden, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Frændekilde, Hofmarskallatet.

Get in touch with HAWAII

HAWAII Vesterbrogade 75
1620 København/Copenhagen

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